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About School

The heart of the Shambhala School education is teaching, modeling, and experiencing confidence in unconditional goodness for everyone. Out of this confidence in inherent basic goodness arises a culture of kindness, compassion and awareness.  The development of "character" and the noble qualities of wakeful citizen-leaders arises from a curriculum that transmits the experience of basic goodness. The journey of expanding beyond personal limitations, engaging in academic rigour, and offering service to society is activated in the context of confidence in our inherent worthiness and intelligence. 

These qualities are developed in three ways: 1) Talking the Talk.  The language of confidence, bravery, compassion and wisdom is used in the school environment.  2) Walking the Talk. The teachers and school model the noble qualities of leadership with students and reflect with students on the qualities of character as they arise in moment to moment experience. The physical environment is designed to awaken the senses and empower children with elegance and beauty. 3) Transformative Techniques. Students are also trained to know themselves "in their bones" -  in an intuitive, non-conceptual way.  Space is provided for reflection, silence, and being with one another simply and beautifully. Using the language of character and modeling citizenship/leadership as situations arise is so important.  But the ground of a person's actual experience of basic goodness and genuinely knowing it to be true, means that they must experience their basic being directly. The Shambhala School employs research-based, mindfulness-awareness techniques as the basis for a transformative path of self-awareness. (see video below)

The View of the Shambhala School

The school was founded in 1993 by parents and teachers to provide a high quality education mixed with the experience of genuine delight in learning. As a model of a sustainable, compassionate and aware society, it was intentionally envisioned as an inclusive school of racial, cultural and religious diversity.

School Life Hallway

Taking its name from a mythological kingdom where citizens experience life through kindness and respect, the school and its teachers create an uplifted academic and social environment that explores the sources of the world's wisdom traditions,  the practice of being a community, and the joy coming from the discipline of learning. It is the goal of every faculty member to help students reach their full potential through the development of intellect, intuition, compassion, humour, and self-confidence.

With approximately 130 students, Shambhala School offers an enriched curriculum in Grades Pre-Primary through 12. As the school continues on a path of steady growth, it does not waiver from the commitment to small, intimate classes that allow for significant one-on-one interaction between student and teacher. By keeping class sizes small, the school provides a safe and friendly environment where students and their families form an integral part of a community.

About Shambhala School