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Students at the Shambhala School develop a well-rounded outlook on the world. Combining strong academics with a focus on the inner child through arts, sports, and academic enrichment is central to the school's philosophy.

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Art in everyday life, and its expression through visual, musical, dance, and dramatic means are woven into the daily routine of classes up to grade 6, and are explored though subject oriented classes in grades seven through 12. Students have the opportunity to discover and refine their creative abilities.

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Regular participation by students in physical education, sports, and martial arts promotes healthy living, and helps centre the mind and body.

Drawing from the Shambhala tradition, the school invites students from grades seven to 12 to begin each day with a brief period of meditation and yoga. These activities help students to centre themselves and create a "fresh start", which provides a natural transition from non-school to school activities.

Younger students share a similar experience through movement activities, which take place along with singing, verses and games each day in morning circle.

Students in all grades end the day with classroom chores and closing activities that vary according to grade level.