Meet Our Team

Leadership and Administration

Mary Acton-Bond

Executive Director

Margo Bulpitt

Associate Director

Noel McLellan

Dean of Mindfulness and Culture

Margot Louise

Head of Admissions, Primary to Grade 12

Susan Marsh

Head of Administration



Maggie MacNevin

Pre-Primary Director and Teacher

Nicole Worobec

Pre-Primary Teacher

Binbin Ma

Pre-Primary Teacher

Elementary School

Mary Acton-Bond

Elementary School Academic Director

Amanda Smith

Primary Teacher

Madison Emily Peters

Grade 1 Teacher

Margot Louise

Grade 2/3 Teacher

Judith Morris

Grade 4 Teacher

Hollis Sans Cartier

Grade 5 Teacher

Shone Bracken

French, Primary-Grade 5

Jennifer Durette

Physical Education, Primary-Grade 5

Tyler Messick

Music, Grade 4 and 5

Middle School and High School (Upper School)

Amanda Bowden

Academic Director Upper School

Jacob Fletcher

Associate Director Upper School, Homeroom Grade 10, Math Grades 8, Science Grades 8 and 10, Biology Grade 11/12, Philosophy Grade 11/12, Science Fair, Drama and Guidance

Mike LeDuc

Homeroom Grade 12, Leadership Grade 12, History and Health Grade 6/7, Study Skills Grade 6/7 and 8, and Outdoor Programs Coordinator

Wesley Pitts

Homeroom Grade 6/7, Math and Science Grade 6/7 and Grade 9, Physics Grade 11/12, English as an Additional Language (EAL) Grade 10-12

Noel McLellan

Homeroom Grade 8, English Grade 8 and 11, History Grade 8, World History Grade 10, Global Studies Grade 12, Religion Gr 11/12 and Health Grades 8

Jason McNaught

Homeroom Grade 9, English Grades 6/7, 10 and 12, History Grade 9, Canadian History Grade 11 and Health Grade 9

Joyce Wright

Math Grades 10-12, Chemistry Grades 11 and 12, Pre-Calculus 12

Shone Bracken

French, Grades 6-8

Jennifer Durette

Physical Education Grades 6-10

Tyler Messick

Music Performance Grades 6-12

Miro Davis

Art Teacher (currently on leave)