Shambhala School parents are saying..

Every day I drop off my children (ages 10 and 12)  I am reminded of why we chose Shambhala School for their education. The school environment is infused with feelings of joy, excitement for learning, love and respect. Shambhala has allowed my children to expand their minds, develop interpersonal skills, learn conflict resolution, critical thinking and how to treat each other with empathy and kindness- all while providing an exceptional curriculum in STEM and arts education.  The parent community is strong and the teachers and staff are beyond dedicated. Children at Shambhala school are seen for who they truly are and it shows. This is the number one reason we stay.
– Sarah Baillie and Warren Jefferies, Shambhala School parents

While teaching at university I had two students that stood out from the others – they thought creatively, they were driven by curiosity, and were the only ones who seemed able to “think outside of the box”.  They were both graduates of the Shambhala School.  When my kids were ready for school, the Shambhala School was the natural choice.

– Dr. Tarah Wright, Shambhala School parent and university professor.

We “shopped” for the best school for our 6-year old daughter.  She said “I like this one the best; it feels so welcoming.”  We agreed.  She’s now 17.  We still agree, and we’ve discovered over the years that it’s so much more as well .

– Heather L., Shambhala School parent

My son attended here for Grades 11 & 12 …. Amazing Learning experience for both Him, and us. Worth every penny, This is an exceptional learning facility.”

– Susan Beresford, Shambhala School parent

 Excellent focus on the mind, body, heart connection.”

– Deborah Aronson, Shambhala School parent

…the small classes, personable and compassionate teachers, field trips, teaching approach, unique opportunities such as meditation, arts, and fun clubs after school.”

– Parent of a Grade 6 Shambhala School Student

…whole learning, combining English and history for example. The openness, acceptance and mutual respect has been a quality missing from my daughter’s education so far. This has really opened the doors to real learning.”

– Parent of Grade 8 Shambhala School Student

I especially like the continuity of a P-12 school. My son has been here for 8 years and the school has become like a second home for him, and the staff and faculty like an extension of family.”

– Parent of a Grade 9 Shambhala School Student

We moved to Halifax in 1998 from North Carolina. Our older boy was 7 and already hated school. We looked at all the public and private schools in Halifax and decided on the Shambhala school based on its small class size and the philosophy of making the learning a natural part of our son’s day. I used to smile when I asked him what he learned and every day he just smiled back and said they didn’t do any work, just played. From being a fight to get him to go to school, it got to be an equally difficult task to get him to stay home when he was sick. The teachers were wonderful and many times they told us things we didn’t know about our own children. They were helpful and attentive to his educational and all his other needs as well. He loved it and continued to love it until he graduated from grade 12 three years ago. He still misses it. Our younger son is currently a grade 10 student and he loves it just as much. He calls it his second family and he really feels like a part of a big family there.

Both boys have blossomed and it still amazes me how the school coaxes them and gives them the confidence to do things they (and I) would have thought impossible. I can’t recommend it highly enough. If you’re considering giving your child the best start they can have, you won’t go wrong sending them to Shambhala.”

– Parent of two Shambhala School Graduates

I have great trust in and love for the Shambhala School. The school has a deep understanding that true intellectual development is multifaceted, requiring a stimulating engagement of spacial and body awareness, rhythm and voice, and the creative process in order to fully develop the neuro-networks in the brain which are the foundation of academic progress. It is a school of great skill and great heart, caring personally for my child while providing a disciplined path of academic and personal success. This path greatly reduces the significant stress that so many children experience in school these days. Whole child education means healthy child education and this is the absolute best way to assist children in becoming confident, high functioning, successful and happy adults. The Shambhala School truly delivers this to my daughter and all of the children at the school.”

– Christy B, Shambhala School Parent

Each one of them has something special about them and it’s drawn out of them everyday. Why wouldn’t you be happy about that? If someone appreciated who you are everyday when you came to school you’d be pretty happy.”

– Katherine Osborne, Shambhala School Parent

There’s just this happiness. It’s a family feeling.

– Paula Alfonso, Shambhala School Parent

All of the children definitely feel like they are individuals, and it’s encouraged for them to be different and be themselves.”

– Lee Stafford, Shambhala School Parent

The first thing I saw when I came here was that the teachers shook hands with the kids when the came in… It was like, we love these kids and we want them to feel like they belong here.”

– Elisabeth Veenema, Shambhala School Parent

We allow children to develop in their own way; How do you learn? What makes you happy? What makes learning fun?”

– Elisabeth Veenema, Shambhala School Parent

It’s a really good place to grow up”

– Robyn Trail, Shambhala School Parent

Having our son attend Shambhala School has opened our eyes to the difference between a typical “private school” and a school that embraces the artistic, creative and holistic approach to a child’s education.  The school teaches tolerance, exposure to different cultures, and teaches our kids the skills they need to become meaningful members of society.”

– J and D M, Shambhala School Parents

My daughter went to the Shambhala School and now my niece and nephew go and I can confirm that it is a wonderful place for kids to be. Their motto is “Genuine Delight in Learning”. Inspiring a child to be excited about learning., inspiring them to be curious about the world – what could be a better thing to teach a person?

– Jessica Marsh, Shambhala School Parent

Shambhala School is a special amazing place to learn how to be you.”

Mary Hale, Shambhala School Parent

The change in our daughter was remarkable. It was like a flower opening up. Her interest is genuinely there. It’s not because it’s something she has to do they make learning something she wants to do. ”

-Mike, Shambhala School Parent 

Shambhala School students and alumni are saying…

I love the school because it is peaceful.”

-Shambhala School Elementary Student, February 2015

I like that we have small classes, which means you can learn easier. I also like that we can be ourselves and not worry about what other people think of us.”

– Meaghan, Grade 5 student at Shambhala School, September 2019

Blessed to be able to spend my senior year in such a supportive, creative, open environment. Shambhala School truly is education done right

– Erin, Shambhala School Graduating Class of 2017

I feel that this place isn’t so much school as a home were education resides. The teachers work to accommodate you… they want to know how do you learn best, what are your struggles and what are your strengths. What can we do to support that and nurture that.”

– Emma Elliot, Shambhala School Graduating Class of 2016

This school is all about being yourself, and striving to do the best that you can do and not comparing yourself against other people. It’s about accepting you for who you are and what you can do.”
– Zoë Wright, Valedictorian of Shambhala School Graduating Class of 2016

This is where I went to middle school, and literally everything is so true about it. This school is possibly one of the most nurturing and brilliant educational environments I’ve ever had the pleasure of spending time at. It is one of Halifax’s hidden gems. I will always go back and visit this place. This School has everything, here you will find your passion, find a long lasting family, find friends you will have for many years to come. So much goodness!

– Mark Buell

Having gone to the Shambhala School from age three until twelve I was very much shaped by my experience there. Especially for children in their formative years, I think it is important to be in a nurturing environment where you are able to not only learn lessons, but be able to work with your hands, body and mind – the Shambhala School very much provided this for me and my classmates. The teachers allowed children to express themselves without judgement, taught us to care about the world and others in a genuine way and treated us very much like human beings. I am forever grateful.”

– Julia M, Shambhala School Graduate

In 1993, I went to a play that the Shambhala School performed. It was magical, playful and inspiring. I knew I wanted to be a part of this vibrant school. I was 12 years old and began attending only a few weeks later. After 6 years,I graduated from the school, and felt nurtured, adventurous and prepared for the complex world that awaited my contributions. Now my son is finishing primary at the school and I feel deep gratitude for a place of creativity, learning and leadership in his life and in mine.”
– Marguerite D, Shambhala School Parent and Alum

Shambhala School faculty and staff

“What is it about a community that is so important and keeps us coming back? I realized what keeps us coming back is feeling welcome and being recognized, accepted not judged… All those things create a safe place for you to just be you. That’s what we do in our Pre-Primary everyday….and in every class in the building.”

– Leah Noonan, Head Teacher of the Shambhala School Pre-Primary

What we do here is we raise whole beings. We raise children with whole hearts and whole minds, who ask the big questions”

– Ms. Monica, Primary Teacher, Shambhala School

I think every student who comes here at some point discovers it is ok to be who they are. That’s a really profound thing. The heart of the philosophy of the Shambhala School is that every human is intrinsically complete as  they are. It’s a completely different approach than seeing a student as an empty vessel that you want to fill with information.”

– Noel McLellan, Shambhala School Faculty

The feedback that we’ve received from post-secondary institutions that our students have travelled onto is that our students stand out. They are confident, free-thinking people.”

– Brin Jones, Shambhala School Faculty