Middle & High School

Confidence, Community, and Delight in Discovery

Our academic program is rigorous but rooted in an integrated approach that allows every student to become a confident, brave, and accomplished young adult ready to thrive within a dynamic and ever-changing world.

Academic Philosophy

Creativity and critical thinking work together in the Shambhala School approach to academic learning. While the curriculum prepares students for any university stream they choose, the pedagogy breathes life into the learning experience. students workingCultural awareness, tolerance, and understanding of current global challenges inform the academic culture. Teachers combine group discussion, hands-on lessons, and varied learning methodologies to promote a sense of intense discovery.

Many of our students receive university scholarships and go on to careers in a wide range of fields, including STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math), healthcare, and the arts.


The Shambhala School is more than a school—it’s a living community. The student community is supported by ongoing Talking Circles and House meetings, which allow students to share and feel part of this community. Circles also allow teachers to model a restorative approach to conflict resolution when the need arises.

Festivals, performances, Science Fairs, and ceremonies not only honour the accomplishments and journey of our students, but they also weave families into the fabric of our shared community. Volunteerism, charitable projects, guest presentations, and collaborations with an array of local service organizations encourage students to become global citizens. Activities include:

  • Class Circles
  • Gender Circles (men’s, women’s and non-binary) and GSA club
  • House activities
  • Inter-school athletics and lunch intramurals
  • Lego Robotics
  • 25 hours of required volunteer service required per year (grades 10-12)



Our mindfulness program is secular, research-based, and steeped in experience. A fully integrated mindfulness practice impacts every aspect of the school experience:

  • It teaches students to stay grounded and make healthy choices
  • Students gain familiarity with the feelings in their bodies, their thoughts and their emotions
  • It fosters the focused attention that supports success in learning

Mindfulness is introduced and developed throughout the upper school grades. Our students practice a brief period of mindfulness and desk-side yoga at the beginning of each school day.

Outdoor Education

As technology takes on an ever more central role in the lives of young people, their need to experience themselves in nature is stronger than ever. Each year includes outdoor trips as well as regular outdoor time in a graduated outdoor education program starting with a dormitory-style camp and developing the confidence to do back-country camping by the end of high school.  Outdoor education includes:

  • Frequent Physical Education and outdoor activities at local parks
  • Overnight trips
    • Middle school: Blue Forest 
    • Grades 9 and 10: Big Cove Camp and Keji (campsite)
    • Grades 11 and 12: Keji (backcountry)


Integrated Arts

We recognize the artist in every student. Performance, music, studio art, and drama are part of the core experience, not an afterthought.

Arts education includes:

  • Biannual musical performance
  • Fully-equipped art studio with potter’s wheels
  • Annual middle school Shakespeare play and high school drama club plays 


Middle School Curriculum (Grades 6-8)

The middle school years are a time of rapid growth, change and exploration. They can be emotional, exciting, revelatory, and delightful. Our middle school program nurtures the playfulness and wonder of early adolescence while supporting the child’s natural desire to explore a larger world and to find their path within a safe environment. Middle schoolers discover their journey into greater independence along with greater responsibility as a process rather than a set of fixed standards. Ultimately, along with forging their skills as competent students, they are supported in developing genuine contentment with themselves as human beings.


High School Curriculum (Grades 9-12)

As students emerge into greater awareness, intellect and independence in the high school years, their need for support and guidance becomes more focused. They are beginning to look toward their future lives while still uncovering their interests, fears and dreams. Our high school program invites each student to embark on this adventure in their own unique way.

Students in science labIt is a journey of accomplishment, fun, laughter, hard work and brilliant play. Through our university preparatory program, our students build the academic skills needed for success in university (in any stream they choose) as well as the social awareness and fearlessness that will guide them in life.

Our academic program is rigorous but rooted in an integrated approach that allows every student to become a confident, brave, and accomplished young adult ready to thrive within a dynamic and ever-changing world.





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